Corporate Literature

In house literature can build your business. Breathe life into your brand. Increase sales. Help you connect with consumers. Shift perception. We don't just create corporate literature. We create opportunity. We see things differently. Let us show you how.

Let our full service custom publishing team help you create literature designed to enhance your visibility, generate revenue, increase sales, and motivate your team.

We are a full-service publishing resource for the American corporate sector. Vivant Books’ corporate publishing programs offer high-quality custom content that pulls in readers and fosters genuine interaction. Whether it takes the form of custom articles, annual reports, employee communications, or other custom content, corporate publishing plays a key role in strengthening brand identity, and recognition, as well as building customer loyalty and customer engagement. As part of a sound corporate publishing strategy, quality custom literature engages readers and starts a long-lasting, two-way conversation. We can build your corporate publishing programs around in-depth market research that gets to the heart of what your customers are looking for and what your employees need to better serve your market.

In addition to publishing coffee table book and providing a la carte packaging and editorial services to authors, Vivant Books is also a research and development agency and custom content publisher. We help our clients understand their targeted consumer base, build relationships and increase engagement with their customers. 

With a combined 30 years in the publishing industry and a talented team of writers, editors and designers, Vivant Books is uniquely equipped to aid in identifying, defining and telling your story. 


Research and development, editorial, academic/analytical/expository/narrative writing, editing/rewriting, copy editing, digital and traditional publishing publishing services, product development, social media marketing strategies and implementation

Our full-service creative team develops proprietary literary products that allow our clients to deliver innovative, targeted content to their employees and customers. We produce quality research reports, articles and whitepapers, authored by in-house researchers and writers.  All media is produced using professional desktop publishing tools and published for access in print and online. The reports are tagged and stored in an online accessible database that can be searched by our clients.

We will guide you through the production of your product, lend you our access to the best and brightest creative talent in the business, and deliver the systems and services that support the success of your product: full-service marketing consultation, integration into our sales catalogs, and access to private distribution.

Our clients engage us to meet business objectives related to:

• Ensuring that the quality   and effectiveness of their corporate and customer media and content reflect their brand and organizational values

• Improving their existing content-oriented efforts through better editorial and strategy

• Introducing narratives into corporate culture


We provide our clients the following content marketing and custom media services:

• Research designed to provide the insight necessary to help our clients meet their business objectives

• Collaborate with client and editorial teams to determine focus points

• Develop creative methods of delivering message

• Fact check, stylize, copyedit 

• Editorial, design and creative services from talented, experienced professionals

• Produce high-quality content quickly and efficiently on deadline

• Publish content according to project specifications; print, web, etc.

• eMedia ranging from services for aggregating and curating digital content to email newsletters, e-books and interactive tools designed to support a marketing strategy

• Community/social media management services designed to accomplish specific business objectives through online community and content distribution, development and management approaches

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